Namibia: Sleepy Baboon Namibia: Herd of Buffalo's Namibia: Butterfly Botswana: Sundowner in Kasane Namibia: Red Sand Dunes in Sossusvlei

Namibia: Cheetah in Kamanjab Namibia: Elephant near Okaukuejo Namibia: Curious Hornbill Namibia: German Houses in Luderitz Namibia: Lilac Breasted Roller

Namibia: Male Ostrich Namibia: Giraffe in Hardap Dam NP Namibia: Kokerboom forrest Keetmanshoop Namibia: Epupa Falls at Kunene River Namibia: Bus in Windhoek

Lovely Lion Cub Namibia: Pinguins at the Coast Namibia: Cute Rockdassies in South Namibia Namibia: Seal Colony at Cape Cross Boabab in Kaokaoveld

Namibia: Dead Vlei Namibia: Traditional Dancing in Kwando Namibia: Sossus Vlei Namibia: Windhoek Parlement Namibia: Windhoek Suburb

Namibia: Elephant in Etosha Namibia: Temites has been busy Namibia: Coldness in the Evening in Kalahari Namibia: Himba Man Namibia: Colourfull Lizard

Namibia: Birds in Tree Namibia Camping Namibia: Coast at Cape Cross Namibia: Local Car Broke Down on Gravel Road Namibia: Tame Cheeta's at Kamanjab Cheetah Farm

Namibia: Camping at Duwisib Namibia: Donkey Car Namibia: Coastal Area Namibia: Crocodile in Kwando River Namibia: Elephants at Halali Waterhole

Namibia: Cactus Fruits Namibia: Water Monitor Botswana: Crossing River near North Gate Botswana Namibia: Male Lion Namibia: Whale Skeleton at Coast

Namibia: Elephants at Etosha Namibia: Etsoha Pan in dry Season Namibia: Flowers at Fish River Canyon Namibia: Zebra's in Etosha Namibia: Weaver building a Nest

Namibia: Hippo's in Zambezi River Namibia: Hyena with Cubs Namibia: Blackbacked Jackal Namibia: Local Market in Katima Mulilo Namibia: Kunene River in North Nambia

Namibia: Klipspringer in South Namibia Namibia: Quiver Tree Forrest at Keetmanshoop Namibia: Ghost Town Kolmanskop Namibia: Ghost Town Kolmanskop Namibia: Waterlilly in Okavango Delta

Namibia: Lioness eating a Wildebeast Namibia: Male Lion Namibia: Local Village Namibia: Local Himba Woman with Kid Namibia: Mongoose

Namibia: San Rock Drawings Namibian Landscape Namibia: Moose in Solitaire (from the book Solitaire - Ton van der Lee) Namibia: Wild Dog Namibia: Curious Ground Squirrel

Namibia: Dune 45 near Sossus Vlei Sundowner in Namibia Namibia: Swakopmund Hotel Namibia: Ground Squirrel Namibia: Elephant

Namibia: female Kudu Namibia: Bushcamper at Boababs Namibia: Francolin Namibia: Grey Lorry

Namibia: Lioness Namibia: Lioness with cub Namibia: Wildebeast Namibia: Male Kudu Namibia: Elephant

Namibia: Warthog Namibia: Buffalo Namibia: Ground Hornbill Namibia: Hippo Namibia: Nile Crocodile

Namibia: Wildebeast Namibia: Leopard Namibia: Snake Namibia: Wildebeast Namibia: King of the Jungle

Namibia: Kalahari Namibia: Ferry Namibia: Boababs Namibia: African Elephant Namibia: Mongoose

Namibia: Beautiful bird Namibia: Buffalo Namibia: Waterbuck Namibia: Flower Namibia: Antilopes

Namibia: Water Monitor Namibia: Wild dogs Namibia: Antilope Namibia: Waterbuck Namibia: helmetted guineafowl

Namibia: Lioness Namibia: lioness under tree Namibia: Campfire (African Bush-TV) Namibia: Zebra Namibia: Vultures in a tree

Namibia: Vultures Namibia: Elephants bathing Namibia: Antilope Namibia: Caprivi Namibia: Zebra